Sheffield Oaks Running to Raise Money for RFU Injured Players Fund

As some of you will know, last season the Oaks were unlucky enough to have two massive injuries in the club to Oz and Jaime, totalling 4 broken bones and some other nastiness. This would be enough to leave most men crying into their crutches which they both did. But both are now well on the road to recovery! Huzzah!

To celebrate this fact and help raise money for the Northern General ward which treated them both and the RFU Injured Players Fund, we will be taking part in this year’s Sheffield Half Marathon and would greatly appreciate your support whether it be £1 or £20 it will all go to a good cause!

Oz, Damien and Alastair are all running the half marathon on Sunday 12th May, and you can donate here. Thanks in advance for your generosity!