O2 Touch rugby starts again!

Our O2 Touch Rugby sessions start again tonight at 6.45pm in Hillsborough Park (next to the Tennis courts). And the weather looks perfect for it!

As this is the first of the next eight sessions, we will be warming up, running through the basics then playing a 30 minute game with newcomers paired to old hands for guidance. It will be a great opportunity for you to bring one, or a few of your friends along to get fit and start playing a bit of rugby.

If you want to come have some fun, exercise a little and learn some basic rugby then come along, what’s more as its non contact it doesn’t matter your age (as long as 17+), your ability, or if you are male or female! Cost is a charitable donation of £2

How to get to Hillsborough Park:

By bus:
79 towards Chapeltown, or 53 towards Ecclesfield stopping near the Hillsborough Stadium
57 towards Stocksbridge stopping in Hillsborough/Middlewood Rd

By tram:
Yellow Route to Middlewood alighting at Hillsborough Park

We look forward to seeing you!

O2 Touch

The details of upcoming sessions over the next 8 will be the O2 Touch Rugby at Sheffield Oaks Facebook page!