Oaks’ preseason continues this weekend

Last weekend Sheffield Oaks kicked off their preseason campaign away at Thorne. While the Oaks played valiantly the scoreline was 0-34 to Thorne.

Our preseason matches continue away at Rotherham Clifton this Saturday (16th August 2014), kick off is 3pm (players to meet at Fortress Niagara 1pm). All supporters would be very welcome to cheer the team on, and directions to the ground are available here.

If you want to join the Oaks as a player or for training just get in touch with either our Recruitment Officer Karl Ford (07903328194) or Head Coach Lawrence Canham (07784890079), we welcome players of all abilities and experience.

And don’t forget you can now order your new Oaks gear in preparation for the upcoming Yorkshire 4 2014-15 season from our clubshop!