Charter & Code of Conduct

As a Club, we acknowledge that we shall use our best endeavours to conduct ourselves at all levels and at all times in a disciplined manner, observing fair play according to the Laws of the Game and a sporting spirit.

To maintain the ethos of the game this shall include but not be limited by the following:

  • A fair and equable treatment for all our rugby members which shall extend to all members of our opponent clubs.
  • A fostering of excellence in our style of play, club relationships and integration into the local community
  • To arrange to play both home and away fixtures in equivalent proportions
  • By honouring all our fixtures, which may entail using our good relations with neighbouring clubs to arrange to pooling of players for non-league fixtures without enticement to leave their existing clubs.
  • In the eventuality of not being able to raise a full side even with the pooled players, to communicate with our opponents in good time and agree to play the game by sharing the available players.
  • By ensuring that all our club members and associated spectators respect the roles of the officials appointed to the game. To be intolerant of any abuse or physical harm to the officials or their property.
  • To extend to them a welcome to our club and an encouragement to be involved in the after match companionship in our game.
  • To set an example to players be refraining from dissent of decisions by the game officials and the use of language of a profane obscene or expletive nature.
  • To communicate with the Member Clubs and the Management Committees of the Union in a prompt and efficient manner to ensure the effective and timely management of the organisation of Sheffield Oaks RUFC within the South Yorkshire Rugby Football Union.

Sheffield Oaks RUFC’s Code of Conduct for Players
Sheffield Oaks RUFC’s Code of Conduct for the Coaches
Sheffield Oaks RUFC’s Code of Conduct for Spectators
A downloadable version of the Codes and Charter is available here.
A copy of the club’s constitution can be found here.