Code of Conduct for the Coaches

Any person who fulfils a coaching role at Sheffield Oaks RUFC is required to:

  • Respect all referees and the decisions they make (remember it could be you refereeing next week) and ensure that the players recognise that they must do the same.
  • Recognise the importance of fun and enjoyment when coaching players. Understand that most learning is achieved through doing.
  • Provide positive feedback, where possible, in a constructive and encouraging manner to all players during coaching and games.
  • Keep winning and losing in perspective – encourage players to behave with dignity in all circumstances.
  • Ensure that players are coached in a safe environment.
  • Never allow a player to take part in inappropriate training or play when injured.
  • Ensure that their knowledge and coaching strategies are up to date and in line with RFU philosophy – please contact the Committee if it is believed that your coaching ability should be augmented by, e.g., undertaking an additional coaching qualification.

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