In the mid 1970’s Myers Grove School’s first XV were coming to the end of their school years. They had been hugely successful as a school team and as such were keen to continue their success upon leaving school. The lads looked around Sheffield and found that to carry on in the great sport that is rugby it was likely that they would have to go as individuals to the other clubs in the area.

The Oaks enjoyed a great run culminating in winning the Yorkshire trophy in 1992. The team had cemented their place as a force to be reckoned with in yorkshire rugby.

However, with 20 years under their belts the Oaks began to slide down the league structure and soon found themselves in Yorkshire 4, which they won in 2004.  This gathered in some new players and gave the club a temporary boost, but eventually time proved too much and in 2007 the club was on the ropes. Struggling to put out a single team and relying on aging players things did not look good for the now Yorkshire 5 club. Toward the end of the season the club president met with a number of senior players and made the decision to give it one more season rather than fold the club.

The season that followed proved to be a great success in terms of sparking the longevity of the club. A coalition was formed with the university security ‘ligers’ which brought players to Oaks. This also allows Oaks to recruit from Sheffield’s vast student community. Within a season Oaks had grown in size and halved in age, by 2008/09 season the Oaks had moved to the Niagara facility and were looking at putting out 2 teams on a regular basis. The numbers continued to increase, attracting players from all over and from all abilities.

Oaks have always attracted players of quality, in their past they have named Mark Aston (Sheffield Eagles coach and from GB Rugby league) on their team sheet. In more recent years players from the Army XV, South Africa U21 and England Deaf have graced the pitch in an Oaks shirt, all these building on the legacy created by the Oaks original XV.

So today Oaks are in a healthier position than ever, running 2 full adult teams, training year round at their new home at Parson Cross Park in the northside of Sheffield. All players are welcome to join the club regardless of ability, previous experience or age. It is no surprise that Oaks have formed partnerships with similarly minded businesses as sponsors and suppliers, deals and partnerships have sprung up with The Fox & Duck in Broomhill, Zoti Sports and in 2011 the impressive brewing of ‘Oaks and Glory’ by Crown brewery as an innovative method of gathering revenue.  Sheffield Oaks are a team in the ascendency in Sheffield, it’s something great to be part of.

10 responses to “History

  1. Good to see that the Oaks are flourishing. I shall be attending the Myers Grove Social Evening on the 10th of June. I hope to bring with me a school First XV rugby jersey which was presented to me when I formed and coached the first Myers Grove First XV
    rugby team in about 1970.
    I would be pleased to hear from any of the players who were in the team at that time.
    I was also coach to the Sheffield club side at the same time.

  2. Played no.7 from around ’73-’76 also captained a few times.
    Didn’t know about the Oaks. I left Sheffield when I left school.
    Playing for the first XV was a fantastic time with some great games.
    I hope the club continues and wish it much success

  3. As a founder member, fixtures secretary and former capatan of the second team, I loved playing for Oaks. In spite of having to retire due to cancer, would still love to pull on the shirt and have a run out! Don’t know about tackling and drinking the volume I used to drink now at 57 perhaps I am a bit old! All the best Oaks! Dave Markham

    • Hey Dave,

      Sorry about the late response, It has been a while since I accessed the website. Thanks for taking the time to search out the Oaks, it is always good to hear from players from past seasons. You are always welcome down at the club, we are currently based at Niagara in Hillsborough. Get in touch via the contacts page if you are interested in playing once again!

  4. Just looked up Sheffield Oaks on the RFU website, sorry don’t know any of you because I played late 1970’s early 1980’s. Loved the club, loved the guys, moved south, these things happen. Great to see the Oaks stuck with it, never ever say die. I am not from your part of the world but some of my best memories and best friends are; I really wish Sheffield Oaks every success for the future and remember don’t ever look for a way around a problem, believe in who you are and you will find a way through a problem.


  5. Dave Knight was a cracking player and played in the same team as my bother Andy Senior, Gary Hill, Gary Brownill, Dave Sanderson, Briggsy , Paul Geoffcock, Dave Ryan , a few I can remember. Dave Markham the best singer we took on tour to Ruthin where we made him stand on a night club table and play his guitar and sing “a long long time ago” and what a night and tour we had. In the history is does not mention the 6 consecutive promotions we won and the county final was the Yorkshire Shield not the trophy. Another club had a similar record at the time Rotherham titans RUFC which were captained by my good friend Richard Selkirk. The oaks would not have existed for a few people and they should be mentioned Trev Snell, Peter Thorne , Dick Walton, Dave Markham , Peter Selkirk and many more and good memories were had. Good luck to the present day Oaks Cheers Richard Senior

  6. I played scrum half in the very first Myers Grove School Rugby team in the 60’s. Would be good to get a few of the original lads together.

  7. Brilliant to see the club on the rise again, had many happy memories runing out for the Oaks in the 70’s, nice to hear some familiar names as well, some gone but some still around. All the best to all involved with the Oaks both past and present, keep on running and every success.

  8. I am not usually a social network kind of person but its good to stumble across so many familiar names (and half remembered faces) on the Oaks website. Along with Dave Markham I was one of the founding members. Indeed, I remember the evening in the Hollybush when the idea first took shape…
    Good to hear from Dave Knight – I remember playing No6 to his No7 in the 1970’s. Living in Adwick le Street means I am a bit out of touch but I remember it as the venue of one of our early away matches – we might even have changed in the Pithead baths!

  9. My memories though a little faded are fond ones of playing initially for the school all way through to the 4th year up to leaving. If I remember correctly a few of the guys I had the pleasure of lining up with were; Dave Markham, Sammy Pointer, Dave Exelby, Chris Dearns, John Baker, John Rutter and big Albert Fields (sorry if I have missed off your names) upon leaving school I got involved playing for Granville College and this is really where my memory eludes me so again apologies for leaving out any names. Around this time I had a love affair with football so I stopped the rugby for a while until the bug bit me again and hey presto I joined the Oaks where I enjoyed a lot of great times, hey remember the pie “n” peas at the Turnbull? Be great to hear from some of you as they were very special times indeed.

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