Player Wellbeing

Sheffield Oaks is committed to the wellbeing of all its players – both physically and mentally.

We know it’s hard sometimes, and if you’re struggling you’re not alone. If you need to speak with someone the committee will always be ready to listen.

If you don’t want to reach out in person, Mind Sheffield is a charity that has local links and can offer support and advice. CALM is a charity that is dedicated to men’s mental health who have a free support line: 0800 58 58 58

No one needs to suffer in silence, and we as a club want all our players and clubmen to feel part of the team. We understand that sometimes life is harder than expected, things come up or today just isn’t a good day – the Oaks are here for everyone and we’re here to help.


We’re also dedicated to recognising and making players aware of concussion as part of the RFU’s Headcase initiative. Players should complete the RFU’s concussion awareness course, here.

Concussions are serious injuries and you should be seen by a doctor. Our coaches and senior clubmen are trained in concussion awareness, and it is their responsibility to look after you. If the club knows or suspects you have a concussion you will be rested for at least 3 weeks; it’s not a punishment to be rested for an injury so please tell us if you have, or are worried you have, a concussion. Further information is available on the RFU website.